Why are we changing?

It’s a big challenge. Money is tight but if the different parts of our health and care system work more closely together we’ll see some big rewards.

We all need to do more to stop getting ill in the first place. But when people do become ill we want to make sure they can get access to joined-up health and care support in the community, away from hospitals where possible, to help them live independently for as long as they can.

Our health

The challenges are complex. Rising demand – we think our population will grow by 15% over the next 25 years and the number of people aged 75 and over will double – escalating costs and new technologies. We’re working to meet these challenges, stay within budget, and improve quality.

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Our health and care service

We’re finding innovative ways to provide better joined up care. Too often we focus on each particular illness or need separately, rather than the individual. We’re joining up care with the person at its heart, and local with teams working together. That will help us tackle inequalities in service in different areas and communities as well.

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Our finances

The amount of money we spend on health and care services is increasing but demand for our services and the cost of providing them is increasing faster.

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Things people have already told us

We’ve already had some great feedback from you, which we’ve included in our reports and shared with the health and care teams working across Somerset.

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