The amount of money we spend on health and care services is increasing but demand for our services and the cost of providing them is increasing faster.

Pressure on services and funding cuts mean a funding gap of £146million in our health budget by 2022/23 if we continue as we are (CCG, NHS Hospital Trusts and Somerset Partnership).

Somerset County Council faces similar challenges with growing demand for adult and children services. It’s therefore focusing on a new approach to delivering its services which will improve lives more often, faster and in a way that’s more joined up with partners with much more emphasis on prevention and managing demand.

Saving and efficiency programmes in all of our organisations will help to offset the budget gap but we know if we work together we can spend the money we have more wisely and more effectively to improve health and care services for local people.

  • 50% of our total health and care costs are spent on just 4% of the population
  • If we could help 100 more people to stay healthy every year instead of having three or more long term conditions we could save £1million in care costs
  • Supportive social networks, voluntary health coaches, champions and befrienders working alongside health professionals in the community are already paying dividends
  • Estimates suggest that befriending schemes have led to health improvements and reduced mental health spend by £3.75 for every £1 spent.