These are the things people have told us.

Over the last three years we’ve been listening to local people’s views on health and care services. Find out what people told us they would like to change.

Person-centred care
  • The relationship between patient and staff would be based on trust
  • Patients and carers would be involved in their own care planning
  • The NHS would focus on patients, not treat them as raw material - patients would not have to fit into the system
  • Services would treat people as they would want to be treated themselves
  • Services would have understanding and compassion
  • There would be a culture change in services
  • Mental health would be treated equally to physical health
  • I would have access to my own medical records and the ability to personalise them
Support from the community
  • People where I live would know about my conditions and how to respond
  • Care would be centred around communities - there would be a sense of community
  • Health would be focused on wellbeing and what keeps us well - we would tackle the impact of social isolation and depression
Coordinated care
  • All agencies would work together for the needs of the community, not work in silos
  • Health services would work better with housing providers
  • Community and health care could be provided by one provider
  • You would get a consistent voice, wherever you are
  • There would be consistent provision - the same standards of care across all departments and services
  • I would not have to repeat my story over and over again
  • There would be one named person for an individual’s care who can refer to any service
The right resource for the right care
  • There would be a better ratio of GPs to head of population
  • There would be more staff in acute, rehabilitation and community services
  • People would get help from the point of diagnosis - no-one would fall through the net
  • The voluntary and community sector would be properly funded to support patients and to work in an integrated way with health and social care
  • We would use other agencies - employers, schools etc - who can support people to stay healthy
  • I would have access to ‘buddies’ whom I could call for information
  • I would have a single point of access in my community where I can get information about my health and what services are available
  • Patients would be educated to take responsibility for their own health
  • Services would make the effort to communicate with people who don’t have English as a first language or don’t have literacy